Principal and Team

Chris Young

Micro PR & Marketing is a business founded by Chris Young, who works with a team of marketing and micro industry professionals to provide a unique agency service.

Chris himself has a profile unique in the micro manufacturing sector which began back in 2006 as he became intimately involved in researching the niche before launching a series of communications products for the niche.

This seven-year period has been one of the most important in the micro manufacturing sector, as the real commercial opportunities that exist have begun to be realized. Chris has been at the vanguard of this growth and the maturation of the micro manufacturing sector, and now brings his skills to bear on Micro PR and Marketing (MPR&M).

Chris Young has a 20-year track record in the area of marketing, sales, and media communications. He has met and worked with numerous of the leading lights in the European, Far East, and North American micro sector, as he launched and ran the title Commercial Micro Manufacturing (CMM) magazine, and the series of micro-related shows in Europe and the United States, MM Live.

CMM magazine remains the market-leading title for the micro manufacturing sector, and is published by the company that Chris co-owned and recently sold his stake in, Rapid News Communications.

Chris has not only launched and successfully run a number of print, electronic, and face-to-face media for networking and marketing in the micro niche, but also has an award winning and innovative approach to public relations and marketing.

Due to his intimate involvement with the micro manufacturing sector, he is able to tailor his assistance in a sensitive and pragmatic way. The goal of successful PR and marketing is increased exposure and ultimately increased market-share. ┬áThis is Chris’s area of expertise, the augmentation of sales potential and lead generation, business planning, and new business development.

“I have lost count of the number of contacts that I have in the micro manufacturing industry that have expressed an interest in engaging a qualified micro-related PR and marketing agency. It is vital that such an agency has an understanding and a credibility in this exciting but relatively complicated sector, as it represents in many ways the public face of client companies. Through Micro PR and Marketing (MPR&M), I am pleased to say we have this expertise, coupled with an innovative and forward-looking marketing know-how.”

The Team

Working along side Chris are a number of marketing and PR professionals, who between them bring a level or expertise that is second to none. At the fingertips of MPR&M’s team are all the traditional PR and marketing tools and expertise, but also highly innovative and cutting edge marketing vehicles that provide unparalleled response and new business development opportunities.

With its focus on the specifics of the micro manufacturing sector, MPR&M’s team will give you access to an affordable and unique resource that can boost your bottom line.